The Fashion Club


I’ve been watching a lot of Daria recently, for an article I’m writing, and despite the fact The Fashion Club are supposed to be rather vapid, there have been a number of amusing things I recognise in my own behaviour. Most importantly, they are really in to their acceptable fabrics. Just as I (and now my mother and sister) won’t buy anything polyester (other than particular exercise clothes), for The Fashion Club purchasing anything in a poly cotton is a no-no. On the fabric front, I’m sure this cotton sateen and self dyed silk-cotton number would be perfectly acceptable. Even, perhaps, the shape could pass. The fabric, the matching fabric? Not so sure.

Back of the top and skirt

Today’s outfit is my attempt at fitting in with the cool kids in the sewing blogging world. I never, ever wear matching things, in fact, I remember being mortified as a 20 year old realising I was wearing a green cord jacket and black cord pants. It is for this reason that I have issues with suits. However, from the moment I read about Ada Spragg’s Two-piece Set-acular I decided I wanted in. We have even been coming up with additional puns - set-sational? Regardless of how ridiculously self conscious I felt leaving the house, I wanted to make an outfit.

Side view looking down

After picking up this crazy cotton sateen at Fabulous Fabrics to make a pencil skirt for work, I decided that I might as well use the itty bitty edge bit to make a top. For years I have been hoping crop tops would come back in fashion and ta da! Before I’m even 30. The bigger challenge will be to see whether when it comes summer I actually wear this top. I’m thinking on one of those stinking hot days when the idea of wearing any clothes at all is unbearable it might be a nice change. In my head it was so simple, I would quickly make a top out of the scraps. Unfortunately, there wasn’t quite enough fabric. To make it worse, even in the smallest size, the crop top I was muslining (drawn from the bodice of V8944 in a size 6) was way too big. I had some fun fitting the pieces for the back, cutting up the back piece until I could fit it all on the slip of fabric I had and used some of the silk cotton I dyed last year for the back and the lining. The amusing thing is, if I had cut it the correct size (that is, altered the pattern to be the right size) it would have probably fit on the fabric. For future reference I need to remove at least an inch from the front bodice and the same from the back. After putting in the zip and realising how much effort it would take to make it fit, I decided to cut my losses, stitch the back pieces together and pull it on and off over my head.

Back view in the wind

The skirt is one of my favourite patterns which I have made a number of times, the very simple Burda Style skirt 117 03/2013.

Front view

All in all it was a lot of fun, and a bit of a challenge to play around with before I go back to my general sewing which is for the most part ridiculously practical. And I’m sure that Quinn would at least approve of that.